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I'm a sober companion addiction specialist and more than willing to help women and men with their addiction problems. I am a care coordinator, looking for people we can help get on the right path to a sober life.

Rehab with a Sober Coach

The majority of those who have used a Sober Coach/Sober Companion to sober agree that, compared to an inpatient or outpatient treatment facility, a Sober Coach/Companion is more effective form of drug rehabilitation. Rehabilitation treatment centers, for the most part, cost thousands of dollars throughout the entire course of a patient’s treatment. The staff at these facilities need to take care of an entire facility full of clients trying to get clean. And, on top of the previously stated facts, there is very little one-on-one therapy or availability offered to the clients. Fortunately, despite the good intentions rehabilitation centers may have, there are more effective ways to get help, get sober and stay sober.

A Sober Coach/Sober Companion is an amazingly effective form of recovery from drugs and alcohol. With the client’s choice residence during his or her recovery, the hired Sober Coach/Sober Companion will stay at the client’s house for a previously agreed amount of time (through the detoxification period to a month), or, if the client chooses, to pay by the day until he or she feels their ready to be without their Sober Coach/Sober Companion. The Sober Coach will be available 24 hours a day, providing quality resources as effective as any rehabilitation treatment center. With previous experience working or participating in inpatient or outpatient treatment centers, our Sober Coaches/Sober Companions understand the need for freedom that rehabilitation centers do not provide. For example, they will take the clients they are coaching through their recovery on individual activities that best fit the client’s interest. If they enjoy surfing, the Sober Companion will take them to the beach and, depending on the Sober Coach, will surf with them. Another example, if the client has a boyfriend/girlfriend (who the Sober Coach/Companion knows is sober), they will allow quality time with him/her. The goal of our Sober Coaches/Sober Companions is to make the client’s recovery program as personal and effective as possible, to give each client the resources to get sober, and stay sober.

Sober Companions sober coaches, life coaches, sober escorts. We provide all of these services at $200 a day for Sober Coach plus travel cost.We also provide drug and alcohol and family Interventions. For $1000 dollars any time anywhere in California at this low rate. Outside of California there will be an extra expense for travel and lodging. We believe the only way to recover is at home with a sober companion or a sober coach. We also believe the only way to detox is at home with a life coach.
There are many benefits of medical marijuana used in alcohol and drug recovery. As a matter of fact there are 17 states in the United States that use medical marijuana. Even medical doctors in our country’s capital, Washington D.C. are prescribing medical marijuana. Of course each case is different. There are also many reasons why people are abusing alcohol and drugs.

Some people use hard drugs to fight and conceal different kinds of pain. However, in each case it is critical that a medical doctor get a full diagnosis of the situation. Based on estimates from data on registered medicinal users from ASA (American for Safe Access), there are about 300,000 people in the United States using marijuana for medicinal purposes. The following states have legalized medical marijuana: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and even Washington D.C. On July 26, 2011 “Time Healthland” published an article that stated, “A new study in mice has found that activating a receptor affected by marijuana can dramatically reduce cocaine consumption.” On July 18, 2011 Livestrong.com also published an article by Rae Uddin who specializes in scientific journalism, medical and technical writing and is a graduate from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine wrote the article “Benefits From Medical Marijuana”. In it she discusses the four main benefits of medical marijuana as: pain relief, increased appetite, decreased nausea, and muscle relaxation.

At Extreme Sober Coaching we know these are just a few of the many examples of why over 300,000 people are using medical marijuana. Truth always exists before science tests it, discovers it and publishes it. We are the number one organization to help drug and alcohol detox with private sober coaching and companionship. We work with an internal medical doctor that specializes in drug & alcohol detox who can review your individual case to prescribe whatever is necessary for an addicts recovery. Our employees are CPR certified and registered recovery workers. They are also caring and friendly.

Please call for more info at 757-343-0335.

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