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I'm a sober companion addiction specialist and more than willing to help women and men with their addiction problems. I am a care coordinator, looking for people we can help get on the right path to a sober life.

What meth does?

Meth and the criminal justice system

Meth causes an increase in the central nervous system’s neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and dopamine. This causes an increase in energy blocking hunger and fatigue. At higher doses it causes exhilaration and euphoria, or even paranoia, psychosis, violence and even death. Sober Coaches or aSober Companions, describes meth as a “loud drug” using hearing loss as a metaphor. For example, if you were to spend several hours at a loud concert, you typically notice a buzz or humming in your ears for a few hours afterwards. This is your body’s defense mechanism. Your body is temporarily shutting down your hearing as a means of protecting itself. Over a long period of exposure, you will eventually suffer permanent hearing loss. Likewise, with a massive overproduction of neurotransmitters, eventually, the body will permanently shut down the receptors to those transmitters, making pleasure impossible. Average people find pleasure is ordinary things: a puppy frolicking, a baby’s giggle, a friend’s company. But pleasure for the long-term meth user becomes physiologically impossible. Sober Coaches or a Sober Companions help you return back to the better YOU!!! One Day At A Time.

Recovery is possible ask our Sober Coaches or a Sober Companions. There are various treatment centers throughout the country. Call today and ask our Sober Coaches or a Sober Companions for Meth Treatment available in your area our anywhere in the country. There are various styles of treatment ranging from psychosocial (Sober Coaches or a Sober Companions Approach, 12-step, group and individual counseling) to Contingency Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Taking the extra time to investigate the various treatment clinics in your neighborhood will enhance the outcomes of that treatment just call our Sober Coaches or a Sober Companions today. Call 757-343-0335.

I have been helping people professionally for a long time now, and I would like to open myself up to answer questions regarding emotional issues people might be experiencing. Do you suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression? Do you have relationship issues or difficulties? Do you want to improve your self confidence or self esteem? Do you want to learn anger management or how to relax better?

Problems with drugs and alcohol? Looking for something different? Tired of lock down treatment centers? This is not a residential treatment facility. Need Intervention? I do custom one on one plans to help with each individual lives. This is a lifestyle change, not just the motions!! Here I am … Sober companion means more than the words. To get a meaningful, understanding, relationship with a set of listening ears, and clear vision to assist with options. I have been doing this for years, Helping women detoxing and getting their life in order. Encouraging her with their goal/s, and getting what they need to use in daily living. The areas I work in are San Francisco, Merced, and Fresno, but open to new areas and adventures! I take this Sober Companion / Coach job very serious, and I am honest, truthful, and direct. This is a personal passion of mine to help women get a grip. I am here to help the women get their life back. I am really excited to work with you and your families. Contact us ask for Christina to make arrangements. Start your new life with more open doors.

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