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I'm a sober companion addiction specialist and more than willing to help women and men with their addiction problems. I am a care coordinator, looking for people we can help get on the right path to a sober life.


I work with clients for many different reasons and because I love effecting people’s lives in a positive way, therein lies the inspiration and motivation for my work. Being certified as a life coach, nutrition coach and yoga/fitness instructor, I’ve had the privilege of working with people from many backgrounds and interest in attaining their goals.

Tony Robbins said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”.

Oftentimes the goals of my clients are simple and clear, like assisting adolescents and adults with their confidence and technique of interview skills or offering support in someone’s ability to speak up for themselves….but sometimes the goals can be more challenging. Issues like bulimia, sugar addiction, social pressures, weight loss and even drug and alcohol sobriety can foster much deeper challenges. As a coach, the overall approach I use involves compassion, patience, and explicit intention.

Now let’s look at these three components more carefully. ..

Compassion is when someone shows kindness, caring and a willingness to help others. It is the root of a peaceful and productive humanity. It is in a simple smile, a thoughtful phrase of encouragement or the gentle lending of a hand. When a client knows that their coach is coming from compassion, it inspires a courage within them to reach their goals.

Patience is known as one’s ability to persevere calmly through difficult situations. The old adage, all good things come to those who wait, still rings true. Giving up is so easy to do, especially when the results are not coming quickly enough for us. Sometimes a client will even give up on themselves, but a good coach will stay patient and push them through those difficult times.

Explicit Intention means having a definite and purposeful plan of action. We can all see our lives from our perspective. Albert Einstein said that “One can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”. A good coach helps their client lay out a blueprint for immediate and long term tasks that lead to success.

A wise person once told me that you never know what’s in someone’s heart. We have all had to endure challenges at some point. Working with a coach makes it that much easier. For your individual, relationship, family, corporate or recovery center needs, please contact Rana Kirkland at recovery911detox@gmail.com. All sessions are confidential

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