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I'm a sober companion addiction specialist and more than willing to help women and men with their addiction problems. I am a care coordinator, looking for people we can help get on the right path to a sober life.

Client Profile

Sober Companions are “Women helping Women” and we will by your side 24 hours a day. We will do this for days, weeks or months at a time whatever you need. We take treatment home with you. As long as you need us, you’ll have 24-hour sober women mentor dedicated to giving you a good foundation in your recovery community. As women sober companions we will support you with your lifestyle changes so you can experience a better quality of life.

Who would benefit from a Sober Companion?

  • You are leaving a treatment center and would like to have a solid support system at your home
  • Your home is an unsafe recovery environment and/or you have many on-going stressors.
  • You are not capable of going to an inpatient treatment center
  • You have a history of chronic relapses’
  • Your schedule is busy and you cannot take time out to go to rehab, you need to keep it together-we can help
  • You are a mother, daughter, or caregiver who cannot handle the responsibilities you have without getting drunk or loaded.
  • You are an executive, doctor, actor, singer, mom, lawyer, or health professional who feels that you cannot go to your family or peers for help?
  • You need to remain abstinent for upcoming court appearance?
  • You would like additional support, structure, and supervision.

Accomplishments / Situations where Sober Companions for women have helped people with these types of problems:

  • Drug Rehab for women
  • Alcohol Rehab for women
  • Prescription Drug Rehab for women
  • Alcohol Rehabilitation for women
  • Drug Rehabilitation for women
  • Addiction treatment for women
  • Drug Rehab alternative for women