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I'm a sober companion addiction specialist and more than willing to help women and men with their addiction problems. I am a care coordinator, looking for people we can help get on the right path to a sober life.

About Us

Mission Statement

Our service provides quality Sober Companionship and leadership to those women in need of help with assistance in their ongoing daily recovery. Creating a close and trustworthy partnership between 2 people is our purpose. The objective is to obtain a clean, safe, substance free environment and practice it every day. Welcome to your New Journey of continued Sobriety and a Healthy Sober Lifestyle.

We are California’s leading Sober Companion Company. We recommend that someone who is just coming out of treatment should have a Sober Companion. It is critical to the aftercare process. If in-patient treatment is not an option, i.e. stay at home moms, we provide a sober companion to accompany the client with daily routines. We also provide a traveling Sober Escort. The aim of having a Sober Coach is to have a round-the-clock available life counselor who can guide the addict to make good choices in life. With guidance so readily accessible during critical times in recovery, it is definitely an advantage and helps you establish a path towards continuous sobriety.

Having a Sober Coach to ease you out of your addiction and suit you up for a clean lifestyle is an alternative to being detained in a rehab center. A good number of drug and alcohol addicts are seeking alternative treatment programs that enable recovery in familiar surroundings instead of being uprooted from home and relocated to a distant rehab center. The presence and the support of family members and friends is a constant reminder of personal worth for the individual undergoing recovery.

Going through life and it’s daily challenges with a Sober Coach is a new approach to rehabilitation treatment. Our services are proven to work and the client can go on with their daily lifestyle and ultimately gain the long term sobriety that they are seeking. The treatment methods used in a rehab facility may be effective for one person but could be unfit for someone else. Having the flexibility of a Sober Coach means that the treatment program will be custom-built specifically for the individual. This increases the chance of your success in your sobriety, because our ultimate goal is long term successful sobriety for our clients.

Awaken your senses into your journey in life. Be prepared for continuous and uninterrupted recovery. Get through your days with the help of a Sober Coach now.