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Speak to a sober coach WHO CARES. Call us at 714-470-7530 To Receive a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment in California specializing in medical detox and treatment. For opiates and prescription pill addiction, we work with the top medical addiction doctor in Southern California. img We can usually do an intervention within 3 hours of your call 24 hours a day for any family intervention or detox services. All of our Sober Coaches and Treatment Staff are Addiction Specialists. Holiday Special: Intervention anywhere ORANGE COUNTY, for $1200 plus travel. Most Insurances Accepted Drug Treatment and Detox Alternatives with a Sober Coach Experienced professional woman serving as coaches woman to other thru helping them address personal issues related to all addiction problems. Compassionately guiding woman to the life skills to deal with anxiety, stress, and depression and more. We strive to help you improve your self confidence, personal and professional life skills, and relationships. Sober Companions for Woman will give you or your loved one the tools and direction to detox and rehabilitate back to life in the privacy of your own home or in the security of one of many affordable and compatible treatment centers.

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Have you recently checked into rehab only to be thrown out? Have your parents flown you half way round the country trying to get you help, and you are having some issues with treatment? This scenario happens A LOT and WE can help! We are sober coaches that will fully support your recovery. WE are here to be your sober companion. WE will personally assist you in your treatment. Our sober companions are licensed, professional, trained, and ready to HELP!

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A sober coach will help you with all your needs including the following: 1. assist with medical visits, 2. keep you away from drugs and alcohol, 3. support you through court appearances, 4. create a new life. A sober coach will be there 24-hours a day. We provide the most affordable sober companions, sober coaches, sober escorts, sober mentors and life coaches.

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Speak to a sober coach WHO CARES
Call us at 714-470-7530

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